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No time to make dinner, cut, fry and sear? Wanna eat a nutritious and fast dinner? Are these facts polar opposites? No!

Today’s burger recipe will give you a chance to make a delicious dinner for your whole family, or for a last-minute party set up quickly after an unexpected phone call from your friends!

These pates are perfect for making home-made burgers which would delight not only you, but also your loved ones and guests!

Vegans eat only grass and stones, huh? I don’t think so!?

I made these mini-burgers for a special occasion – another Fitnik edition party organized in collaboration with the best personal trainer ever (!) and Wake up& squat. They appeared to be a bull’s eye-shot and got the best reviews from the testers! I also was pleasantly surprised with winning a blouse which will be very useful during the upcoming gray days of fall.

If you happened to miss this year’s Fitnik, make sure to go the next year! It’s really worth it!

So, a quick sum-up: the day was really busy, but full of positive experiences and people. I love events like this and it every chance of sharing my cooking passion with others always makes me happy 🙂



  • 400g kidney beans (dry) or 800g canned


  • 1 large onion


  • ½ bunch of chives


  • ½ glass breadcrumbs


  • 1 tsp garlic powder


  • 1 tsp salt (or more, up to your taste)


  • 1/3 tsp chili
  • sos bbq




If you choose to use dry kidney beans, soak it in water with a teaspoon of baking soda overnight; change the water the next morning and cook until soft (ca. 40 min.). If you decide to use the canned option, pour the brine out and you’re ready to put the beans into the blender with an onion cut in quarters, slightly chopped chives and spices. Mix the ingredients to get a smooth paste. Add the breadcrumbs, blend again. Shape the burgers. Bake in the 180C for 30 minutes.

Serve in buns with your favorite extras and toppings: I used lettuce, avocado, bell pepper and pickled red cabbage and pepper. Yum!
The amounts I gave will be enough for 7-8 large or 20 smaller burgers 🙂

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