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Smoothie is my favorite type of drink and I make one every morning. I drink it for breakfast, or I take it with me to the uni.  I try to create new flavor compositions in order to avoid boring routine. I can definitely list the shake from this recipe as one of my favorites. I named it Strawberry Paradise because it’s deliciously sweet and reminds me of summer holidays 🙂

I recommend to enrich it with synbiotic, just like I do, to support good bacteria in your bowels.

I have my summer strawberries frozen in the freezer in small portions, but I’m sure you can find some fresh in the shops, or you can buy some already frozen. It is good to buy ripe bananas, and if you have some which are not covered in dark spots, which mark that the fruit is yummy and sweet, let them sit for a few days in the kitchen. I usually juice the citrus fruits in a juicer a day before, but it is practically only a few minutes of work, so it is no disaster if you decide to do it in the morning. I’m just in my morning zombie mode after I wake up and there’s no trace of energy in my body before 10 AM 😀

What is more, drinking smoothies and juices is the fastest way to intake those vitamins you need in time as short as 15 (in the case of juices) to 30 minutes (in the case of smoothies). If you drink smoothies in the morning, you can happily forget about additional supplementation of vitamins and minerals – you can find plenty of those in each glass of the drink. All without the loss of energy which would normally be required to digest hard bites. I try to drink two cocktails a day: one based on fruits and one in more veggie-green style, which not only provides me with a meal during my busy day, but also makes me sure that I feed my body with everything it needs without making my gastrointestinal system work too hard 🙂

So, let’s get up for sweet and delicious strawberry smoothie? 🙂

It is my Monday morning life-hack 😀 Because who would not get up for such a breakfast? 🙂




  • 250 ml squeezed grapefruit juice
  • 1 large ripe banana
  • 7 strawberries
  • 1 portion of synbiotic




Wash the strawberries and remove the stems; add into the blender. Skin the banana, cut in half, add to the strawberries. Pour grapefruit juice over the fruits and add the synbiotic powder. Blend for 60 seconds.

Voila 😀

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