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Sesame seeds are one of the oldest crops on Earth. They date back to the times of ancient Babylon, where, due to their valuable features, people used to call them “spice of gods”. According to the words of legend, Aryan gods who met to create the world were drinking sesame wine. Archaeological studies confirm that sesame was cultivated in the Indus Valley between 2250-1750 b.c. Even now sesame seeds remain referred to as a symbol of immortality from the Hindu legends.
And it is all valid because sesame seeds are one of the richest sources of calcium. 100 g of sesame contains 1160 mg of this mineral! To picture how great amount it is, I’ll compare it to the cow milk which contains only 116 mg of calcium per 100g and chicken egg white which contains 65 mg/100g. What is even more interesting, non-vegan cheese can contain 250-850 mg/ 100g, depending on type. Sesame seeds and calcium contained in them is a natural and easy to digest component of diet.
Plant sterols in sesame seeds decrease cholesterol level, protect the heart and prevent prostate diseases.
According to Chinese medicine, sesame belongs to Fire element (sweet taste) and helps the stomach, pancreas and spleen.
I don’t need to convince you to use these tiny wonders, right?
Today I have for you super simple and almost instant fast sesame milk. It tastes a little bit like Turkish halvah and is divinely tasty! Perfect on its own, but also as an ingredient of pancakes, cakes or porridge.
Pure health!




  • 1 glass sesame seeds
  • 5 glass filtered water
  • pinch Himalayan salt




Rinse sesame seeds on a fine strainer. Put the seeds into a blender bowl, add water and salt. Blend for 2-4 minutes and strain through a cloth.

You can also use juicer instead of blender: add seeds to the chute one spoon at a time and gradually add water. Repeat until you’re out of ingredients. Milk prepared in such way doesn’t require straining.

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