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I have no will to spend my time in the kitchen during hot summer days, but my sweet teeth make me experiment with tastes.
This time I found a nutter by felix in my cupboard, and it inspired me to make this dessert. Paired with baked beetroot, it made super moist and tasty base layer which, I hope, you’ll like my millet strawberry mousse as well.

Fun facts about beets:
🔸contain anthocyanin which improves the immune system and prevents tumors
🔸contain quite a lot of folic acid
🔸reduce the “bad cholesterol” levels
🔸counteract vascular calcification
🔸improve blood production
🔸help fight the viruses
🔸help to reduce the excessive acidity of the stomach
🔸contain such minerals as:
🔸rubidium and caesium (rarely found in vegetable sources)



(for 7 glasses)

❤️1/2 glass pureed beetroot (ca. 1 large)
❤️1/2 glass milk (I used soy milk)
❤️1/4 glass oil
❤️3/4 glass icing sugar
❤️75g dark nutters
❤️1 tsp vinegar

Dry ingredients:
❤️1/2 glass wholegrain flour
❤️1/2 glass millet flour
❤️1 tsp raspberry puree (handful of raspberries blended with 1 tsp of sugar)
❤️2 tbs vanilla paste
❤️1 tbs baking powder
❤️1 bag of vanilla sugar

Vanilla cream
❤️700 ml vanilla flavored soy milk (or other plant milk)
❤️2 bags of vanilla pudding powder
❤️50 g wheat-free margarine
❤️2 tbs lemon juice
❤️few drops of vanilla flavor oil
❤️2 tsp agar-agar
❤️3 tbs icing sugar
❤️vegan jelly


Wrap the beetroot in tin foil and bake in the oven for 40 minutes in 200C. When cool, grate, add to a bowl with other wet ingredients and stir.
Mix dry ingredients in separate bowl, then add wet mixture and stir vigorously with kitchen mixer. Pour the batter into greased mold and bake for 40 minutes in 180 degrees. While baking, prepare the jelly according to instructions on the package. Pour jelly into a shallow container (in my case: cake mold) and chill in a fridge for at least 1 hour.
Vanilla cream: Boil 500 ml of plant milk. In the meantime, mix the pudding powder with the remaining liquid and add to the boiling milk. Stir constantly to prevent burning and add agar-agar. Mix well till smooth with no lumps. Cool it carefully (we don’t want any scum). Add margarine, lemon juice, flavoring oil and mix till smooth. Add sugar and mix once again.
Fill the glasses with crumbled bottom and custard cream in layers. Add fruits on the top. Take the jelly out of the fridge and dice. Decorate the trifle.
Voila! Enjoy!

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