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As far as I can remember, Polish vegetable salad was my very fav. And the best one was, of course, the one that my granny used to make.
I missed the taste so much that I decided to veganize it 🙂 The secret is in the soy-mayo which is surprisingly easy to make at home. Perfect for any occasion.

Try it yourself.


❤️4 carrots
❤️4 medium size potatoes
❤️1 celeriac
❤️2 small parsley roots
❤️1/2 apple
❤️1 small onion
❤️1 fresh-pickled gherkin
❤️can of peas
❤️salt, pepper

Vegan mayo:

❤️1/2 glass oil
❤️1 glass unsweetened soy milk
❤️1/4 glass yeast flakes
❤️2 tsp apple cider vinegar
❤️1 tbs mustard
❤️Kala namak salt


How to make vegan mayo?
Pour oil and milk in room temperature to the container. Blend for 2 min and add the remaining ingredients.
Blend for another 3 minutes. Pour ready mayo to the jar. Put for at least 1 hour to the fridge to thicken.

Peel the vegetables and cook until soft. Peel the apple, gherkin and finely dice.
When cool, dice the roots and tatoes. Chop the onion.
Throw everything into a bowl and add the peas (drained).
Add 4 tbs of mayo and stir.
Add more mayo, if you feel like it. Add salt and pepper to taste.


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