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Getting used to the gluten-free food is easier than anyone would expect. And it makes you more creative in the kitchen! Suddenly you somehow find out that there is an endless number of gluten-free dishes which allow you to keep enjoying your favorite foods like pierogies, pastas or pastry.  I become more and more convinced to gluten-free kitchen every day, and it suits me soooo well. Each new g-f dish makes me excited and sometimes a little bit stressed if it’s gonna work or not.

I am super picky and I won’t eat just anything. Thus I am very happy that I can present a new, tried and true recipe.

Today I decided to show how easy and cheap can be home-made sourdough starter for gluten-free bread. Yes, it may require regular feeding for 5 days, but it takes only 30 seconds each day 🙂


Ingredients: ( for 1 day)

  • 3 tbs white buckwheat flour
  • 4 tbs filtered water



Put the flour into a sterile jar and pour the water. Mix. Repeat the procedure every day, preferably at the same time. Keep in a warm place. After 5 days the starter should have a characteristic, slightly sweet aroma.

Then it’s ready to use 🙂

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